Our Doctor Locum plans

Key Benefits

Key Benefit

Platinum Plus


Continuous cover to the age of 70   
No annual health declaration  
Group discount  
Jury service cover
Suspension cover
Maternity/Paternity pay
Lump sum accident benefit
Cover - Practice Managers
Cover - Nurses and Salaried GPs
Flexible excess/deferred periods
Tax relief on premiums*
Automatic index linking

No reductions in cover or premium increase if you make a claim

One of the biggest pitfalls in Locum Insurance is when changes in your health or claims impact on your future cover.  For example, you make a claim for a period of incapacity because of a back problem – at your next renewal your premium goes up, and/or an exclusion is placed on your policy, or worst case scenario, no further cover is offered.  This leaves you with poor cover, or no cover at all, and without any prospects of better cover via any alternative insurer. 

With our Platinum Plus policy, once your application is accepted, you can never be individually selected against for premium increases or changes in terms to your cover – regardless of the number of claims you make.

Flexible Benefits

Under any of our schemes cover is available in £10 per week units — up to a maximum of £2,500 (250 units) per week. There are two types of units — Plans A and B. Plan A covers the period from the 5th week of incapacity through to the 26th week. Plan B provides cover from the 27th to the 52nd week. Simply select the relevant level of cover you need under each plan.


Benefits increase by 5% each year to help keep pace with rising locum costs – regardless of any changes in your health.  Of course your premiums also rise by 5% to reflect the increased level of cover.

Not just for GP’s

The whole practice team can be covered, either on an Individual or Group policy.  Cover under both Platinum and Platinum Plus schemes can be provided for Principals, Salaried GPs, Practice Managers and Practice Nurses up to age 70.

Long standing scheme

Doctor Insurance Services were one of the originators of Locum Insurance, providing cover for hundreds of GPs for over 30 years.  The product keeps evolving to meet the changing needs of practices and now provides a wide range of options to give  you more choice over your cover.


The underwriters of the Scheme are Chubb European Group – one of the world’s largest specialist accident and sickness insurers.


Which scheme should I choose - Group or Individual/Platinum Plus or Platinum?

Whatever your requirements for Locum Insurance, we have a plan to suit you.

Our Group Policy offers cover for the whole practice team under one policy and with one monthly premium collection by direct debit.  Practice members are named within the policy so there is no doubt who is covered and changes can be made at any time to ensure the cover remains relevant to the practice as new members join, people leave or you simply need to review the levels of cover for each individual.  Suitable for practices where 3 or more of the team require cover, the Group Policy provides an easy to administer and competitively priced solution to your Locum Insurance requirements.

Alternatively, cover can be taken out on an Individual basis.  In that way, the policy is easily portable should the insured move to another practice

Whether you opt for the Group or Individual option both are available under either our Platinum or Platinum Plus policy basis.

Our flagship Scheme, Platinum Plus, provides the most comprehensive cover and safeguards your insurance for the long term.

Unlike most Locum Insurance Schemes, once your application has been accepted, and all the time your cover remains in force, you can never be individually selected for premium increases or reductions in cover — regardless of any claims you make.

Therefore, you are safe in the knowledge that you will have cover through to age 70 regardless of any changes in your health or claims made on the policy. However, please note that, as under the terms and conditions of the scheme, your policy will be cancelled if your claim continues for the maximum 52 week duration.

Compare this with an annual locum policy (Platinum), whereby you renew your policy each year and the terms will take into account your health and claims history at the time of each renewal. This leaves you vulnerable – say, for example, you suffer a back injury and claim on your policy. With Platinum Plus, your premium would continue unaffected, meaning that, after a short waiting period, you could make further claims in the future if the same condition were to strike again.

With a Platinum Policy, at the renewal after your claim, any future problems with your back will almost certainly be excluded from cover… alternatively (or in addition) your premium may be increased or future cover could even be declined completely.

However, there is obviously a cost to guaranteeing long term cover – and this is where annual policies have their place. Our Platinum policy carries many of the same features as the Platinum Plus as Platinum but because of the annual nature of the contract, the prices are significantly lower.

Group Discounts for 3+ applicants

Where a number of members of the practice team require cover, our Group Policy provides the best value for money cover.  However, if a collection of individual policies is preferred, discounts are available on the Platinum Plus policy where 3 or more members of the same practice apply for Locum Cover through us.  For example, where 3 members of the practice apply, those opting for Platinum Plus will benefit from a 5% discount on the standard premium rates.  Where 6 or more apply, the Platinum Plus policyholders will receive a 10% discount to the usual premiums.  There are no discounts available on the Platinum product.

Locum Reimbursement Cover

You choose how much cover you need... and for how long

Establish how much a locum or replacement employee will cost in your area. This is the most important factor in assessing the amount of cover needed.

Cover is available in £10 per week units - up to a maximum of £2,500 (250 units). There are two types of units - Plans A and B. Plan A covers the period from the 5th week of incapacity through to the 26th week. Plan B provides cover from the 27th to the 52nd week. Simply select the relevant level of cover you need under each plan, as described below.

No locum reimbursement

If it is unlikely that you will receive Locum Reimbursement (if you are unsure, check with your Primary Care Trust) you should consider covering the full cost of a locum in your area. This same example will apply if you require cover for your Salaried GP, Practice Nurse or Practice Manager. Just amend the number of units required to an amount appropriate for the replacement employee.


Locum reimbursement likely

If your practice is one of the few that is likely to receive Locum Reimbursement, you will be aware that it reduces by 50% after 26 weeks, so your Locum Insurance must be structured to reflect this. Simply deduct the potential Locum Reimbursement from the likely cost of your locum to establish how much supplementary Locum Insurance cover you need.