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Locum Reimbursement Cover

You choose how much cover you need... and for how long

Establish how much a locum or replacement employee will cost in your area. This is the most important factor in assessing the amount of cover needed.

Cover is available in £10 per week units - up to a maximum of £2,500 (250 units). There are two types of units - Plans A and B. Plan A covers the period from the 5th week of incapacity through to the 26th week. Plan B provides cover from the 27th to the 52nd week. Simply select the relevant level of cover you need under each plan, as described below.

No locum reimbursement

If it is unlikely that you will receive Locum Reimbursement (if you are unsure, check with your Primary Care Trust) you should consider covering the full cost of a locum in your area. This same example will apply if you require cover for your Salaried GP, Practice Nurse or Practice Manager. Just amend the number of units required to an amount appropriate for the replacement employee.

Example 1


Locum reimbursement likely

If your practice is one of the few that is likely to receive Locum Reimbursement, you will be aware that it reduces by 50% after 26 weeks, so your Locum Insurance must be structured to reflect this. Simply deduct the potential Locum Reimbursement from the likely cost of your locum to establish how much supplementary Locum Insurance cover you need.


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