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Q: Are there any expenses, which cannot be covered by the plans?

A: Any informal and regular overhead of your practice can be covered. The only things not included are any remuneration for yourself; the cost of dental goods, wares or merchandise and the cost of dental equipment (you can, however, insure the cost of equipment rental and/or fixed term loan repayments).

Q: How much cover do I need?

A: Probably the most frequently asked question. Here is a table to help you work out your total annual expenses. Then you can cover up to 80% of this figure.

Rent or mortgage: £
Equipment rental, hire purchase and/or fixed term loan repayments: £
Depreciation, interest and rates (on surgery premises, furniture, fixtures and equipment. If you occupy only part of the building, include only your own share): £
Utilities (Electricity, Heat, Water): £
Employees’ salaries, including wife/husband’s salary, National Insurance and pension contributions: £
Telephone and postage: £
Accountancy fees: £
Insurance premiums: £
Professional membership fees and subscriptions: £
80% of annual expenses, divided by 12 (months): £

Q: Suppose I have a claim or my health deteriorates - can you guarantee that as an individual my cover cannot be cancelled or reduced, or my monthly premium increased?

A: Under the Platinum Plus Scheme - yes. As the benefits are provided under a group scheme, unless the entire scheme is terminated or you cancel your policy, your cover remains continuous through to age 70. In fact, unlike many other policies of this type, once you are accepted into the scheme you can never be individually selected for any adjustment or cancellation of your cover or increase in your monthly premium. However, please note your Policy will be cancelled if your claim continues for the maximum duration. With the Platinum Scheme you will renew your cover each year and the terms will be dependent on your health and claims history at that time.

Q: Can I increase my cover in the future to keep pace with rising overheads?

To help protect you against inflation, benefits and monthly premiums are automatically increased by 5% at the end of each Policy year, regardless of any subsequent deterioration in your health. If these increases prove insufficient you can always apply for extra cover at any time.

Q: Will I be covered for pre-existing medical conditions?

When you apply, if you have had time off work (or received advice or treatment or should have done so) for a particular condition within the last 2 years, that condition will not be covered for the first 2 years. However, once you have been covered for 2 consecutive years under the scheme and have either been free from the problem and/or any treatment or if the condition has been controlled by drugs or treatment, this limitation will not apply. The time period is extended to 5 years on the Platinum policy.

Q: And what about exclusions - are there any?

Surprisingly few, and only those that you might expect, but none affect leisure activities. Benefits are not payable for pregnancy unless the cause is a complication, more than 30 days a year active duty in the armed forces, declared or undeclared war, intentionally self-inflicted injuries, alcoholism, drug addition, or HIV/AIDS (except for accidental infection).

Q: If I was unable to work for, say, 3 months and 11 days, would I receive benefit for the odd 11 days?

You certainly would. Benefit is calculated on a daily basis, the daily benefit being 1/30th of the Monthly Benefit Amount. Thus, in this example you would, of course, receive no benefit for the first 30 days, but full benefit for the remaining 2 months and 11 days.

Q: When will my cover begin?

It begins immediately your application is approved. The only exception would be if you were medically unfit for work at the time you apply, in which case cover would begin when you return to work.

Q: Is this plan available to associates?

No, simply because they are not directly responsible for the payment of the practice’s overheads.

Q: Is a group discount available?

Yes, if three or more expense sharing partners in the same practice applies they will receive an additional discount of at least 5% on the Platinum Plus Scheme. Ring Dental Insurance Services on 01245 265541 for more information.

Q: I have not smoked for 12 months, so I qualify for the 10% discount. What if I subsequently start smoking?

You should notify Dental Insurance Services and, regrettably, you would lose the 10% discount. If you continued to take the discount and then made a claim, your Monthly Benefit Amount would be reduced by 10%.

Q: What if I am not happy with the cover provided?

Once you have taken out the plan you have 15 days to read the Policy document that will be sent to you, this includes full conditions and Policy exclusions. If you are not satisfied you can return your Policy. CHUBB European Group guarantees that any premium paid by you during this period will be refunded in full provided you have not made a claim. After that you can cancel at any time – simply write to Dental Insurance Services to inform them that you no longer require the cover.

Q: How do I make a claim?

In the first instance simply contact Dental Insurance Services on 01245 265541.

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